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KB - Submit a Request to FredQuest
Entered on 07/21/2010 at 13:25:17 EDT (GMT-0400)

To enter a request or question to FredQuest:
1. To log in to FredQuest click on the Home button in the black toolbar
2. Enter your eservices username and password and press the Go button (See KB article #24 for What is my e-services username and password.)
3. Once you are logged in click on New Request button in the black toolbar
4. Now you are ready to enter your request. You will find that all mandatory fields are highlighted in Red
5. First enter in a descriptive subject line
6. Next click on the tab for Issue Information
7. Choose an Affiliation, request type, and classification.  Based on these choices you may be asked for additional information in a pop up window. 
8. Fill out all of the mandatory fields in this window highlighted in red. Before leaving a pop up window you must press the Save button to record your choice.
9. If the Category menu appears, you may enter in additional information that will help to resolve your request
10. Once the mandatory fields are completed click on the Description tab.
11. On the description tab enter in as much detailed information as possible about your request. 
12. When you have filled in all the necessary information click the Save button to submit your request
13. Your request is then assigned an identifying number and a confirmation email will be sent to your Fredonia email account
14. When finished, click the Sign-out link at the top of the page to log out.
15. You will receive updates to your ticket in your Fredonia email account, but can log on to FredQuest at any time to review any of the tickets you have submitted.


To watch a video of how to submit a FredQuest ticket go to

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